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Mission Statement

We aim to help student-athletes monetize years of hard work by establishing a marketplace to sell their team-issued, player-owned gear. Our goal is to be the most trusted marketplace for student-athlete apparel and accessories.

What is NARP Clothing?

NARP Clothing is a marketplace that gives former student-athletes the opportunity to profit off their name, image, and likeness by selling their player-owned apparel without the threat of inequitable NCAA sanctions.  NARP is a platform built by student-athletes, for student-athletes. To ensure authenticity, all sellers are personally verified before joining the platform. 

Our Team

KJ Bryant


KJ attended Clemson University on a baseball scholarship where he played for 3 years. After earning his degree within 3 years, KJ transferred to the College of Charleston to play his senior season and complete his Masters in Public Administration.

Patrick Cromwell


Patrick attended Santa Ana College for 2 years before accepting a scholarship to play baseball at Clemson University. After spending 2 years at Clemson, Cromwell continued his baseball career in Australia and Germany.

After Baseball

After completing their respective college baseball careers and accumulating years of team issued gear, KJ and Patrick realized there needs to be a marketplace that gives former student-athletes the ability to sell team-issued gear. We believe NARP Clothing can be the leading platform that gives student-athletes this opportunity while allowing fans the chance to wear team-issued gear at an affordable price.

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NARP Clothing is supported by Clemson & Furman University Entrepreneurial and Innovation Lab.

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